GBAYHA Board Position Candidates

GBAYHA is seeking candidates who have a passion for helping our hockey association grow and succeed. With many new initiatives on the horizon, we welcome your participation on the Board of Directors. The elected individual will serve a 24 month term (April 2024 - April 2026). The board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

If you are interested in applying for the open position, please fill out this survey before April 2nd and plan on attending the Board meeting on April 9th. At that meeting, you will be asked to introduce yourself, share why you would like to be on the Board, and if there are any areas of GBAYHA that you are passionate about.  

If you yourself are not particularly interested in the position but think someone you know would be a perfect fit, please encourage them to consider.  

To throw your helmet onto the rink, visit the link:


GBAYHA Board of Directors