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Credits/DIBS Info


DIBS CREDIT  Volunteer Requirements:  - 4 credits for all teams except 8U Mites.  Mites will be required 2 credits. The maximum required credits per family is 8.

Each Family will need to have a Credit Deposit $400 for all skaters except 8U Mites. 8U Mites are required $200 for all skaters.  This will be paid via check to the team manager at the beginning of the season and will be returned at the end of the season if requirements are met.  

Credits and Concession Stand Information

One credit equals a four hour shift in the concession stand. 

You MUST be 16 years old to work the concession stand.   If you sign up to work you are responsible for that shift and you MUST find a replacement. 

A list of individuals who will work your concession stand shifts for a fee is listed on the right hand side under "DIBS Info." You are responsible for working out the details with them.

If you have issues please contact Joni Gegare  (link below) and not the CCC

Green Bay Gambler 50/50 raffle shifts are also available for a 1 credit.   You also get free entrance into the game.  The Gambler 50/50 Night will be in February.

At the end of the year, for any credits you are short or have signed up for and not worked (no show) $100.00 for each full credit.



DIBS/Concession Stand Policy

Reminder PER the Participation Agreement:

Once you claim a DIB, it is your responsibility to fulfill that obligation. You can have a friend, relative or employee work your credit on your behalf. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to work in the concession stand. If a credit obligation is scheduled but not worked, your credit check will be cashed.


Please do not commit to a credit if you are unsure you are able to work. 


For More information please contact: 

Joni Gegare

Concession Stand Coordinator

Phone: 1 (715) 572 - 2298

Amanda Sargent

DIBS Coordinator (10U and Up)

Credit Summary

A summary of your completed credits is available in the DIBS volunteer management system.  A link to DIBS is located on the menu bar.

Or when logged into the website, you can click on the down arrow next to your username, then Dibs.  This will give you a list of what you have claimed and what has been marked complete.